The Cedars Floating Restaurant opened at the birthplace of the Spokane River in 1965. After bobbing contently for 26 years, she was replaced by the current building on August 8, 1991.

Did you know?

January 1994
Saw mid-winter thawing...fast flowing rapids and extremely high lake levels. The Cedars floated upward within one foot of the top of our present piling. Fortunately, our patrons were spared a float trip to the Post Falls Dam!

November 1994
Several sections of windows were blown out by fierce winds and high waves. Confident diners continued while repairs were made.

February 1996
Encountered sudden snow melts, warm rains, and heavy flooding! Tugboat efforts for six days and nights held us steadfast while we were closed for nine days. Additional pilings and other precautions have been implemented for security...future flooding should not deter our ability to serve patrons.

April & May 1997
Our philosophy of keeping our doors open was severely tested! Rising water over our parking lot required 4-wheel drive shuttles and service to our door. Water reduced then rose with a vengeance. For two weeks it was necessary to renew 4-wheel drive shuttle service coupled with a pontoon boat to a makeshift dock that floated over our parking lot. When water approached our electrical service, we reluctantly closed for five days, but mother nature knew she had been in for a battle!

June 2002
After 31 years of maintaining one of Coeur d’Alene’s finest establishments, the owner, Ray Gillette decided to transfer ownership to Marshall Chesrown. It is Marshall’s intent to carry on the tradition of providing quality food and service for which The Cedars has always been known.

September 2004
Ownership of The Cedars was transferred to Hagadone Hospitality as part of an overall development plan for Blackwell Island. The Cedars Floating Restaurant, coupled with the Coeur d’Alene Yacht Club, Coeur d’Alene RV Park and the soon to be state-of-the-art Cobalt, Carver and Malibu Boat Showroom, makes Blackwell Island one of the premier destinations in Coeur d’Alene.


Sun - Thurs 4-8:30pm

Fri - Sat 4-9pm